Production Coordinator In Mexico – Finding The Right One

production coordinator in Mexico

Mexico is the land of tacos, ancient ruins, great dancing, and amazing people. Filming your next video production here is a logical thing to do. Hiring a production coordinator in Mexico should be the number one thing you take care of before the start of your work. Here’s why you have to do that.

Finding the best production coordinator in Mexico

How do you find the right production coordinator in Mexico for your project? Start by simply asking around at the filming companies in Mexico City, or whichever large city you choose as a base. Begin with filming companies, even equipment shops, cinemas, and filming-related places. Ask for a coordinator and tell them what you’re particularly interested in. Make sure you point out the particularities of your production, like a documentary on Mexican religion, or a series on spicy food, for example. You aim to find the person who’s worked on those exact productions before, at least three others before yours.

Next, when you do find some candidates, test these people for how good they are with communication, people management, and technicalities of producing video. If they can talk with you and not get mad about your questions, no matter how quirky, they’re great communicators. If they can manage a group of more than three people to do their tasks, they have people skills. And if they can tell you the difference between a polar and a solar filter, they know gear. They’re mostly ready to be hired, so it all comes down to experience and their portfolio.

Another thing to look for when you hire your production coordinator in Mexico is how well they know their surroundings. Ask them about the many locations in which you’re about to film. Have they been there? How well do they know the place? Have they worked there on a production?

Unwritten rules about Mexico filmmaking

Mexico is a great country in terms of heritage and culture. Everywhere you look there’s history, culture, tradition, and good smells, sounds, and sights. Finding a great production coordinator in Mexico is the first step towards a great project. The next one is knowing the rules of the game. Not just the legalities, as those are easily available online. But also the unwritten rules, the things that you should know when you’re there, working on Mexican soil and with locals.

The most important rule is respect. If you give Mexicans respect for their culture and places, they will give you back their clothes. These people are loving, hardworking, and extremely helpful in all matters. They will lay a helping hand for your crew without you even asking for it. If you treat them well and respectfully, no matter where you are, you’ll be met with the same. From the busy streets of Mexico City to the ancient ruins of the Mayans, the locals are the ones who make the country. Mexico is a hot zone for filming crews mainly because of the people.