Securing The Ideal Film Fixer In Mexico

film fixer in Mexico

Mexico, the southern neighbor to the United States, is an incredible country for making movies. No matter what your production is about, Mexico will greet you with the right backdrop for your video. If you’re ready to create there, hire a film fixer in Mexico before all else. Here’s how to successfully do that.

What to look for in a film fixer in Mexico

What you should look for in a film fixer in Mexico usually depends on the type of production you’re in. If you’re making an action movie, look for someone who’s able to close up streets for some chasing shots. If you’re in for some romance or drama movies, ideally hire someone who knows the best romantic locations around Mexico City, and beyond. If you’re planning on filming a movie about the history of the Incas, hire a historian connoisseur who can also help you out with securing one or two days alone at the incredible sights around the country.

Mexico is different from the US, even though the two countries are glued together on the map. This is why hiring a film fixer in Mexico is such an important factor for your production. It helps you bridge the gap between your crew and the local culture, tradition, and ways to do things. It lets you in on the secrets behind how to be welcomed well by the locals, the people you will interact with a lot during your production.

Speaking of locals, another thing to look for while hiring your fixer is communication. We’re not just talking about them knowing Spanish and English on a perfect level. But also about their actual skill of being great communicators. The last thing you want is to hire a fixer who’s not able to take a chance, or a stand because they can’t deliver their ideas or messages properly.

Filming in Mexico – what to expect

What is it like filming in Mexico, above all other places? While a different country than the US or Europe, Mexico is quite similar when it comes to video production. You’ll need your licenses and permits, as well as being able to know and follow the law when you’re pointing your cameras around town, and beyond. Then, you need to be able to make ends meet in terms of budgets and logistics. Mexico is not cheap, but it’s no United States either. It’s somewhere between the US and Europe, in terms of prices, which is good from a financial perspective.

Filming in Mexico will naturally be easier if you have a fixer. Your film fixer in Mexico will help you out not just with the many issues that can arise on the set, but also with the more mundane situations. You might think securing a few rooms at a local hotel at the last minute is nothing, but it’s twice as hard to do this simple task if you’re not a local. Overall, filming in Mexico will go smoothly if you can honor and respect the culture and heritage of the people.