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The homeland of Frida Kahlo and tacos, Mexico is a piece of heaven for those in search of scenic spots. Finding the perfect decor for your video production is a breeze between the oceans. In these borders, white-sand beaches, sky-blue cenotes, vibrant festivals, and colonial architecture await. For the best Mexico filming locations, you can trust a local expert to reveal the gems off the beaten track. Therefore, partner up with us and enjoy the top services we offer. This way you can rely on our location scout to help you identify the ideal place for your production. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and leave paperwork, film permits, and more, on our hands.

Mexico Filming Locations – Chihuahua

Even on the other side of the Atlantic, European influence is vivid and present. Some of Mexico’s filming locations can help you revive “the old continent” vibes on film. Get top production assistance when you plan on filming in Chihuahua. For example, stunning cathedrals and palaces mark the panorama. And for a change of scenery, the iconic Copper Canyon is accessible with the El Chepe train. To help you set the scene right, we are at your disposal.

For documentaries or commercial productions, we know all the local regulations. From film permits to hiring crew, our production assistance has your back in Mexico. Thus, you can shoot your production from the best angles, in your rhythm. While we manage the paperwork, you can follow the traces of the Mexican Revolution. If you want out-of-this-world scenery, Mexico filming locations are the answer. Consider the Chihuahua Pacific Railway, Cave of Crystals, or Dunas de Samalayuca.

filming in Chihuahua Mexico

Filming in Hidalgo 

Some of Mexico’s filming locations can surprise you with their diversity. As a result, filming in Hidalgo does not limit your movie set. Similarly, north of the capital, you can find the magnificent Tolantongo Caves. If you want to use an archaeological site as decor, consider Tula, the ancient capital of the Toltecs. Collaborating with us as your production fixer takes the pressure off your shoulders. Moreover, we can assist you in getting the necessary film permits in Hidalgo. Last, but not least, according to your cinematographic vision, we can identify the best spots in the area.

For history or nature documentaries, this part of Mexico fulfills any filming needs. Wildlife and lush vegetation are easy to access and we can help with getting the approvals. For example, el Chico National Park offers endless green sceneries, with its ancient conifer forests. The Acueducto de Tepotzotl√°n will remind you of the Roman Empire’s glory. For the most creative video concepts, rely on us to be the production fixer you need.

film permits Hidalgo Mexico

Mexico Filming Locations – Tijuana

South of the California border, the Baja Peninsula charms with a lot more than just its surf beaches. Known for bullfighting or racetracks, Tijuana is home to many successful video productions. You can recognize its iconic spots from movies like Babel (2006) or The Hangover 3 (2013). Among Mexico’s filming locations, Tijuana offers easy access to a variety of resources. And with the support of a local production company, you can make the most of this area’s filming potential.

Our location scout is the kind of guide who will show you the hidden gems on the back streets. Thus, you can take your production to a whole new level when filming in Tijuana. Whether you want to explore the desert or set your plot in the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe, we have you covered. Furthermore, film permits in Tijuana are our specialty. So drop us a message and we will make sure your cinematographic vision has the location it deserves.

Mexico filming locations Tijuana

Filming in Puebla

For filmmakers whose motto is “Go big or go home”, Puebla is the kind of spot on the map no location scout could ignore. A quick two-hour drive from the capital takes you to the heart of massive places. For example, the Great Pyramid of Cholula, known as the largest one in the New World, is a great match as a time-traveling decor. The Quetzalapan waterfall takes you to the middle of the jungle. Mexico’s filming locations are all breathtaking, so choosing the right one can be hard. With the proper guidance, though, you can make your way through the procedures easier. From film permits to crew hiring, our team of experts is at your disposal. Thus, rely on our experience as a film fixer in Mexico to get the best resources and the most scenic locations. Set your goals and we find the ideal setting for your video production.

Mexico filming locations Puebla