Filming in Mexico

filming in mexico

Far beyond the borders of the Pink Salt Lakes in Merida, shooting your production in Mexico can be rosy. Working with a team of experienced fixers lets you focus on the bright side. Enjoy more of the creative process, while we handle the not-so-fun tasks. Trust us to be your production fixer in Mexico and let us surpass your expectations. Long before day one of shooting, we commit to be by your side and guide you through the specific procedures. Our top production assistance takes care of all the details so you get full access to filming in Mexico.

From film permits to gear rental or crew hiring, we are a message away.

Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Mexico

Find the perfect decor for your video production in Mexico. From remote beaches to hidden pyramids, scenic places know no limits. And for top video productions, you want to have only the best working next to you.

Filming in Mexico becomes as easy as a stroll by the beach with the right crew by your side. The country has great potential to accommodate all your filming needs. There are plenty of famous productions that relied on local production assistance. The list includes Spectre (2015), Pearl Harbor (2001), Titanic (1997), or Dune (1984), to name a few. In other words, Mexico has the experience and resources for top of the line productions.

In any chosen location, you will find a team available to assist you on the spot. Using locally-sourced crew and equipment saves you time and reduces the customs costs.

To get the visa or government approvals for filming in Mexico, our local support is a gold mine. We have the means and knowledge to contact the relevant film office or commission in each state. Our location scout can guide you through all the scenic places. Name the resources you need and we find a way to make them accessible for you.

Partner up with us and enjoy top production assistance.

Getting Film Permits In Mexico

When you decide on filming in Mexico, incredible locations flood your mind. You probably picture yourself capturing the charm of colonial towns on camera. Or maybe developing a plot having the vibrant life of bustling urban spots as background. Either way, what should not get in your way are the film permits. With the help of a professional, even the most intricate protocols feel accessible. And this is where we come into the scene.

Fixer Mexico is the kind of partner you want to have aside when nagging paperwork arises.

To proceed with your plans, documentation needs to be in place from the beginning. No matter the purpose or location of your production, you have to contact the authorities.

Filming in Mexico is the type of activity regulated by the Mexican Film Commission. Granting film permits can take up to a month if you plan shooting in protected areas. Archaeological sites or natural reserves usually require more processing time. Given the country’s rough political conditions, their precaution is rather understandable. So, you need to ensure you allow enough time in your calendar for your application review. Film permits are easier to obtain with our assistance.

Contact Fixer Mexico and let the experts guide you through the woods of paperwork.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Mexico

From a filmmaker’s perspective, there is one thing better than a top production fixer. Governmental support makes a great difference in developing the videography industry. And filming in Mexico is no exception from this rule. That is why the tax-incentive program aims to attract projects from foreign investors.

As a top production company in the area, we know how the tax rebate scheme works. Based on the kind of production you are filming in Mexico, you qualify for various deductions. The key requirement is to involve the local workforce and resources. Film producers benefit from the VAT exemption as long as the film has external exposure. Promoting the local culture, customs, or locations is, in the end, compensated. All expenses associated with the “product” get reviewed and approved by the IRS (SAT).

Incentives for filmmakers are, usually, granted by the Federal Cinematography Law. And, of course, small-scale incentives can also be available. Small towns scattered around the country can have generous offers or discounts. Lodging or transportation, discounts on various services, may be at your disposal. But you should check and discuss these potential aspects on the spot.

Team up with a top production company in Mexico to guide you through the protocols. Let us help you make the most of the incentive opportunities.

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