Hidden Places To Film Documentaries With A Production Assistant In Mexico

production assistant in Mexico

With its many dreamy beaches and incredible ancient pyramids, Mexico has it all for any filming crew. When in the country, hire your production assistant in Mexico for the best filming experiences. It will save you from a lot of headaches that you may encounter along the way!

Production assistant in Mexico, why should you hire one

Why should you hire a production assistant in Mexico? The reasons are many but the main one is the logistical barrier that it would naturally break, having your very own local as your assistant. They know the rules of the game, the official and the unwritten ones, which will make your job much easier. By having a local on your crew, you’ll get through things like equipment rental or repairs faster, as well as hotel stays, transportation from one shooting location to the next, and so on.

Another great reason to hire a production assistant in Mexico is diversity. These people know their country like no Google search could, no matter how detailed it is. This is how you can discover some hidden gems in this incredible place. Starting with Bacalar, a hidden beach destination perfect for TV series or movies. Nature documentary shooters will also love Grutas de Tolantongo, a canyon with many waterfalls and rivers. And for the architecture lovers, Las Pozas of Edward James are simply out of this world.

Besides being well informed about local events and many hidden places, an assistant will also know the regulation in a certain country. While there are many information sources available online, it’s best to have your fixer on the ground while in a foreign place. They will take care of the good workings of the production.

The rules of Mexico documentary filming

Filming in Mexico is usually hustle-free with your regular possible impediments along the way. As a general rule, you will need a filming permit if you carry about a large crew. This land of ancient ruins and superb jungles is letting you shoot in public or private areas if you abide by the laws. In private areas, the rules are simple. You just contact the owner of a certain place and ask them for permission, for a fee. When filming on public property, be it a street in Mexico City, or a national park, a filming permit is required.

Your production assistant in Mexico will take care of the legal aspect of things. Filming permits take time to be appointed, mainly if your crew is about to film among historical sites, like the ones at Tulum or Chichen Itza. If you desire to film at a Mayan ruins location, you may want to pray in advance. While Mexico does allow this to production for commercial use, you need to prove that the final product will benefit Mexico tourism in a way or another. If you can’t do that, your chances of filming among the ruins are slim.